How do your eyes see the world?

It's easy to move through your life without seeing much of anything. We autopilot around, doing things and going places by rote. And that's a shame because the world is alive with colour and pattern and people and poop on the sidewalk.

I recently landed in Lisbon and this city has electrified my eyeballs. It is such a feast of colour and culture and the most beautiful light. I am taking pictures of EVERYTHING!

As I've been sharing my impressions of Lisbon on social media, I've been receiving the most extraordinary feedback and it sounds like this:

"I love seeing Lisbon through your eyes".

How wonderful is that?!

And it got me thinking about what I—what we all—might get to see and experience and enjoy if there was an army of curious eyeballs out there, seeing and snapping and sharing images of their worlds.

Open your curious eyes and share what you see

So, I thought it would be fun to do a little project together—an I Spy Project—where we spend a week casting our curious eyes upon our own individual worlds and sharing what we see with the Curiosity community.

Because I'd love to see your world, your life through your eyes.

And I know others will too.

Sign up and receive daily #mycuriouseyes prompts

If this tickles your wonder and wander bones, sign up below to receive daily #mycuriouseyes prompts starting on Monday, March 20.

The prompts will be easy and fun and you can share your pictures on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter—wherever you hang out on social media—with the #mycuriouseyes hashtag.

We'll also invite you to a private Facebook group and you can share there if you'd rather share with a smaller group. 

Let's see your world through your curious eyes

I'll be doing this right along with you, continuing to share what my curious eyes are spying around Lisbon and beyond!


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