How would you like to generate 10x more money by selling what you already sell?


You CAN, but it may not be the way you think.

I speak with small business owners every week who are struggling to make money and realize the “passive income promise” in their businesses.

Building an online audience or email list to a size where it will sustain you is hard work.

But there is another way. 

Working with large organizations.

That’s right.

Working with The Big Guys.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That inside Negative No-to-Everything-New voice is saying something like this:

“Who me? Not me! I couldn’t possibly work with a large company. I’m too small. I’m small like a little insect bug. What could a small business owner or solopreneur like me possibly have to offer to a large, successful company?!”

Or it could be saying something like this:

“Trying to sell into big companies would mean such a huge shift in my business, I might as well toss it all out and start again.”

Or it might be nattering on just like this:

“Big companies? Are you kidding? I don’t have a bloody clue how to approach a large organization. They’re like big, black holes of opaque and impenetrable darkness.”

(Turns out your internal chatterpants is a Brit who has a penchant for science fiction space things.)

So, in order, allow me respond:

  1. Not true.
  2. Not true.
  3. Might be true, and easily sorted.

And now, here is the sweet, sweet truth, my small business friends:

Large organizations need the expertise, insight and fresh perspective that small businesses bring to the proverbial business table.

They need you.

And they’re willing to pay.

And pay well.

I understand the fear, doubt, uncertainty and wobbly, not-so-confident feelings you feel when you think about or first set out to approach large companies with the work you do.

I’ve been there, felt that and collected a complete wardrobe of “WTF Am I Doing?!”, “I’m The Captain of Team Imposter” and “Currently Throwing Up in the Bathroom at Coca-Cola” t-shirts to mark the journey.

I’ve been there, felt that and went on to sell more than a million dollars in coaching and consulting services in a single year.

(Yes. One. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiillion. Dollars.)

*Cue Dr. Evil laugh*

I want you to learn how to add large company cash to your existing business.

And I'm here to show you how.


The Small-to-Big Sales School + Mastermind Program


Launching on Monday, September 12, the Small-to-Big Sales School and Mastermind Program is a 3-month training and coaching program designed to help small business owners (like you!) land their first (or next) gig with a large company.

The 3-Month S-to-B Program will include:

  • One 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with Karen (that’s me!) to identify your personal goals for the program;
  • Two training videos each month (see training topics below);
  • Two, two-hour Mastermind calls each month with Karen and up to 5 other like-minded small business owners;
  • Two recorded interviews each month with relevant subject matter experts. These interviews will be with small business owners who successfully sell to large organizations, and with large organization leaders who buy from small businesses;
  • Monthly office hour calls where I’ll be available to answer any questions you have about the training content;
  • A private Facebook support group where questions can be posted and addressed between Mastermind calls.


The Training Topics we will cover:

  • Motivation: getting clear on your motivations for pursuing large company clients and how working with large companies can transform your business,
  • Big Customer Mindset: who the buyers in large companies are, what they care about and how to learn more about their needs;
  • Small-to-Big Marketing: how to package and position your offerings to be relevant, how to get exposure and access to decision makers in big companies, how to send the right signals via marketing that will position you as a pro;
  • Small-to-Big Sales Process: how things normally unfold in a sales process with a larger company, how long it takes, who is involved in the decision making, what you need at each stage of the process;
  • Small-to-Big Sales Funnel: what it is, how to fill it, how to keep track of your leads, etc;
  • Pricing: how to price for large companies, how to communicate your value in language they will understand and respond to;
  • Contracts: what to expect and how to negotiate the terms of your contract and other paperwork;
  • Payment Terms: how to plan cash flow when working with large companies and how to push for small business-friendly payment terms.

"I just got off the phone after doing the biggest pitch of my career and I am BUZZING!"

"Thanks to Karen's incredible guidance, I was able to tell the large organization clients exactly what I could do for them, using language and concepts they resonated with and fully understood. Karen suggested all kinds of tweaks to the way I pitch, all of which they loved, and felt really good for me. In fact, during the part of the sales conversation the client got most excited about, I was channeling Karen and pretty much quoting her verbatim!
We ended the meeting with them thanking me for such a wonderful call and telling me that—in spite of speaking to a few different consultants who do similar work—all three of them wanted to hire ME.
Karen is a GENIUS! She saw exactly which of my skills would appeal to the client and helped me express them in a way that made me look like the ONLY choice for them. Hiring her was one of the best investments I've ever made—one that will be paying me dividends for decades to come!”
Marsha Shandur
Storytelling Coach, Networking Mentor and  Introvert Whisperer at Yes Yes Marsha

Sounds awesome, but I’m not sure if I’m ready.

I understand. It’s a big deal to take on something new, to add a new group of customers to your business.

This program is a PERFECT FIT for you if:

  • You’re a service-based small business owner who currently sells coaching, courses/workshops, content/membership subscriptions or consulting services; AND
  • You already have some ideas about what you could sell into large companies and you need help packaging that coaching, consulting or those courses in a relevant way for a large company audience; AND
  • You are ready to do the work. You can’t wish your way into large company contracts. And you can’t support the other people in the program if you’re not willing to contribute your own knowledge and experience and share your fears, failures and triumphs.

This program is NOT A GOOD FIT for you if:

  • You’re a NEW solopreneur or small business owner who doesn’t know what you’re selling yet. This isn’t a “figure out your new business” program;
  • You’re a solopreneur or small business owner who is already making 50% or more of their annual income from corporate sales. Friend, you’ve got it figured out!
  • You don’t have the time or energy to do the work and contribute to the progress of others in the program.

"I'm at a point in my business where I want to focus on a new type of client, but I've been stuck on moving outside what I'm used to." 

"The familiar just slips back so easily into the copy I write and even the services that I am planning. I wanted to work with Karen for a fresh perspective, to get some help in shifting my research and planning in the right direction so I'm making decisions based on real information and not just what I think maybe might work.
And WOW - Karen is just full of great insight! She is methodical and strategic and lays things out in a very practical way. She's super easy to talk to—my session felt like a comfortable chat with a (super smart) entrepreneur friend."
Connie Holen, Owner, Pixality Design

Why in the world would I hop on this ride with you, Karen Ward?

I’m so glad you asked! Here are the top ten reasons why. Drum roll please...

1. I’m a small business owner.

I’ve been a small business owner for more than ten years, selling projects, products and services into Fortune 500 companies across North America. In 2011, I sold more than $1,000,000 in research, innovation and education projects to large companies and not-for-profit organizations.

2. I’ve been working in, with and selling to big companies for 20 years.

I’ve spent my entire career working in and around large organizations – as an employee, as a freelancer and as a rabble-rousing small business owner. I started my career in advertising, working on the Kellogg’s business, and went on to work with other big guys like Nike, Coca-Cola and Ford.

3. I’ve worked with large organizations across a variety of industries and categories.

I’ve sold and delivered products, services and programs to a range of Fortune 500 companies and large not-for-profits across a number of categories and industries:

Consumer packaged goods        Financial services

Automotive                                  Retail

Food Service                               Travel + Leisure

Luxury goods and services         Pharma

Education                                    Advertising

Healthcare                                  Technology        

4. I’m bilingual.

I speak Small Business Owner and Large Organization Leader with equal fluency so I can help you package what you do in a way that decision makers in big companies will understand and appreciate. And buy.

5. I have a fantastic network.

And I’m going to interview the best of the best so you can learn from them too.

6. I read, watch and listen to a lot of stuff.

This means I can not only share what I know, based on my experience, I can also plug you into other thinkers, doers and dreamers who can inspire and inform your Small-to-Big Sales journey.

7. I’m a great teacher.

I’ve been teaching adult learners a variety of things for more than 10 years, from creative problem solving skills, to research and innovation methods, to facilitation and communication skills. I love working with curious, hungry grown-up learners.

8. I’m an excellent coach.

I love teaching and sharing what I know and I get equally excited about holding space for people to make their own discoveries and breakthroughs. I’m an excellent listener and dot connector who is really good at helping people synthesize and sharpen their thinking.

9. I’m warm, funny and fun.

That’s what people say. So, shucks, who am I to disagree?

10. I am passionate about the power of Small and Big working together.

I believe deeply in the mutually beneficial relationship that can exist between large and small businesses. They need us. And we need them. (Because they can fuel (and finance) our personal and professional dreams.)

“Karen is a rare breed."

"She has deep business knowledge from her 20 years working in advertising, marketing and research and innovation consulting. She’s got solid strategic chops.
But she’s also this creative, intuitive and incredibly curious person who can see and hear and combine things that normal people don’t.
She brings clarity to chaos. She can listen to me talk in circles for an hour and then sum up my idea in two crisp, beautiful sentences and share her thoughts on what to do next.
She adds insight and freshness to my thinking and has this fierce yet loving way of nudging me in the direction I’m trying to avoid, because it’s hard or uncomfortable.
Don’t doubt for a minute that Karen can help. The way she asks questions and listens and generates with you creates clarity, insight, ideas and courage. Jump at the chance to work with her!”
Michelle Warner, Business Strategist

So, what does this Small-to-Big Sales adventure cost?


Early Bird Price: $2000 USD

From August 8 – 19 the price of the program is $2000 USD or 3 payments of $750 USD.

As an early bird, you'll also receive a bonus one-one coaching session with Karen.




Regular Price: $2500 USD

From August 20 – 31 the price of the program is $2500 USD or 3 payments of $900 USD.


Note: When the Small-to-Big Sales School + Mastermind program launches in 2017, the price will be $5000 USD.


Your path from investment to return on that investment will be faster with this program than almost anything else you've ever participated in. 


Because when you land one $5000 gig with a big company—and that's pocket change for them—you will earn your investment back twice over.


This program is being built for you, with you

This is a pilot program. There is a ton of stuff I want to share because I know it will be valuable.

But if the group needs something I haven’t thought of, I’ll create it and/or bring someone to our conversation who will shed some helpful light on the subject.

So, yes, this is a pilot. But it’s not going to be a half-baked, hot mess sort of beta program.

The content and coaching you receive will be top notch and delivered by a warm, funny and fiercely committed and competent professional.

You’re going to get exactly what you need - the sales training and content, access to insider insights and ideas, and expert and peer coaching through the Mastermind.


A few parting thoughts...

I care about this program a lot because I care about small businesses.

A lot.

I created this program because big needs small.

They need our experience, our expertise and the fresh perspective that freedom from soul-crushing corporate politics makes possible.

They need us because when small works with big, big gets better, smarter and more relevant.

And I created this program because we need big.

When small works with big our impact grows, our revenues increase and our dreams expand.

I created this program because I want to:

  • Boost the confidence of small business owners so they know and believe they have something to contribute to the broader business landscape;
  • Equip small business owners with the knowledge, strategies, tools and processes that will help them sell to big companies successfully;
  • Share my own experience selling and delivering consulting, coaching and education services to large businesses so other small business owners can do the same profitably and sanely; and
  • Arm a battalion of small business owners with the confidence and chutzpah to bring their brilliance to big boardrooms around the world.

I hope you'll join us.